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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Thu 31st Oct 2013

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Alike the Supermarkets Advertising War; there is lots of talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using alternative Forensic packages to generate Leads. So much so, people are starting to get slightly bored with hearing about them all!

They all seem to tell you about the information you can access, some superseding others in their ability to “match” more potential customers, better quality of forensic information etc. None, however, seem to advise you what to do with the information once you have it - the key part for marketers and Managing Directors investing in such technology!

Having worked in business development and marketing for most of my working life, I have experienced a constant influx of new ideas, new technology and new trends which have contributed to the way we do things.

For me, the biggest advancement in technology I have seen is the introduction of the internet and in particular the introduction of web analytics. With web analytics now widely available it still astounds me why many marketers I talk to are still not optimising the information available to them to generate quality warm leads for their organisation.

I first came across a web analytics forensics package about 5 years ago. The package enabled me to see exactly who had been looking at our web site, including their company details, their search criteria, which pages they had viewed and spent time on. Whilst this was very valuable information for our organisation, , it was also costly and we had to sign up for a 1 year or 2 year contract. With any new package into the market, taking on a commitment of this size was a big risk.

A few years later (before I ended up working for them), I came across an alternative forensic package called Discus Insight, which had every feature I needed, and it was offered on a month by month contract with a free trial prior. Fantastic. As marketers however, we all talk about “features and benefits”. The package provided the features, but the benefits to the organisation only started once we did something with the data. For some it may be obvious, for others not, which is why I have written a few pointers which I hope you will find of interest. Click here for the 7 point guide to web forensics!

The information you have from the report
You now have the name, Company details, search criteria, duration of visit and pages visited of potential customers. You can also see how many times they have visited your site.

Stage 1
View the above and scan through the organisations who have visited the sites. Once viewed, select the relevant organisations for your business i.e. the one’s you think are genuinely interested in our products or services, rather than trying to sell to you.

For each organisation selected, look at their reference point which indicates the search engine used and keywords, to identity exactly what they are looking for, which pages they have viewed and how long they have been on the site.

Stage 2
Research your contacts. You have the company information to hand, so view their web site, and gain as much understanding about the company as possible. Establish in your own mind what has provoked them to search for your products and services. Build up the Company profile and then you need to work out who in the organisation is your contact point. You can do this in two ways:

For Example:-
1. Ring the organisation and ask who is responsible
2. Search linked-in for your key contact in that organisation

Stage 3
Approach - Once you have the name of the person you would like to contact, telephone them or e-mail.

Some people are nervous about ringing and ask “but what if they know I have been looking at them on our site”?

In all the time I have been doing this I have only ever had a handful of people ask me that question. My response is, “yes I have” and their responses have always been positive. One comment was “how on earth do you do that, I would like that system for my business!” and another response has been, “gosh you are a proactive organisation”.

Time is of the essence. The key message I would like to stress here is that time is the most important factor. You can guarantee that once your site has been viewed by a potential customer they are already looking at either your competitor or alternative products and services. You need to check and action your forensic insight reports daily. Stay ahead of your competition.

Stage 3 – Ensure you include Discus Insight Reports analysis on your Management Meeting Agenda and assign tasks to individuals.

If you decide after reading this that Discus Insight is a package which would benefit your organisation then I hope I have helped you to help your organisation achieve its maximum potential.

To organise your no obligation free trial, please call me on 08454 300366 or email me elawson@discus.co.uk



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