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Posted by Damien Biddulph on Mon 28th Nov 2011

  Business IT Support (4 hour response)
Server Support £166.00 + VAT per month
Workstation Support £20.00 + VAT per month
Cloud Service Support £66.00 + VAT per month
On-site Technican £680.00 + VAT per day

Please call 0800 880 3360 (01675430080) for more information or email u2us@discus.co.uk

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Wireless Leased Line with Discus Systems plc




Discus Systems in partnership with Metronet recognise the significant advantages of using wireless technology to provide high speed data links between customer sites and the internet. This technology will increase in coverage as more Points of Presence are rolled out across the UK and will eventually provide high speed data links to all areas of the UK.

How does it work?

Metronet wireless connections are serviced by high-rise Point of Presence (PoP) sites that ensure maximum coverage for the urban areas in which the network operates. Connectivity is always reliant upon line of sight from your building to one of these POPs and where required, Metronet will confirm the feasibility of providing a service by performing a survey free of charge.

How does the Installation Process work?

Metronet can install the connection within 5-10 days subject to landlord approval and line of sight confirmation. On receipt of order, Metronet’s installation team will approach the agreed contact to arrange for the installation to take place. A small radio (approx. 30mm x 30mm) will be installed on the exterior of the building and the location of the equipment on the roof will be agreed with the building owner or landlord in advance. From this, the appropriate feeder cable(s) will be run to the IT or Server room, or other location as required within the building. Here, it is presented using an Ethernet RJ45 interface unless otherwise specified.

Is it secure?

A Metronet wireless IP connection is arguably more secure than a fibre/Cat5 connection. Metronet employs proprietary frequency hopping algorithms that are vendor specific and unique to radio pairs. The algorithms (specifically designed to optimise radio performance in the face of third party interference) appear completely random to any equipment that does not officially form part of the network. Even a sophisticated radio engineer equipped with expensive spectrum analyser systems could do no more than establish that spectrum was being employed: it would not be possible to interpret data.
Add to this AES encryption between your premises and Metronet’s POP site and the security case is made.

Who else does Metronet work with?

Metronet supplies bespoke solutions for over 500 customers across the North West, West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Dublin.
Customers include Public Sector organisations such as Greater Manchester Police and West Midlands Police, 6 of the 10 Councils in Greater Manchester and Birmingham City Council; schools such as William Hulme’s Grammar School and a number of housing trusts such as Mosscare, Trafford Housing Trust, Touchstone, Parkway Green and Great Places. In the private sector, Metronet provides connectivity for well known companies such as Manchester City FC, Headingley Stadium (Leeds County Cricket Club), Peel Holdings, the Trafford Centre, Leeds Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society.

What About Support?

Metronet prides itself on exceptional customer service and considers this to be a key reason behind the Company’s success. Every connection is supported by a service level agreement (SLA) that other operators can only dream about! All customers have access to support 24/7/365 and you can literally talk to a member of Metronet’s team at any time of the day or night.
No technology solution is perfect. However, where a Metronet customer experiences a problem, we do whatever it takes to resolve it within 4 hours. Metronet believes in proactive network management and should there be cause for concern, an engineer will contact you to establish any on-site issues, such as power failure. Owning its network from end-to-end means that Metronet doesn’t pass the buck. Furthermore, all the Company’s engineers are based locally and can be onsite to resolve an issue very quickly indeed. Metronet keeps stock of all the equipment it uses and engineers are empowered and equipped to resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.

What service levels or guarantees can you offer me?

However capable and well intentioned a traditional service provider might be, it is only able to address issues that occur on its own network.
With the vast majority of service providers, more than 99% of services are dependent upon circuits that are leased from BT. As a result, where issues arise your so-called independent provider is often powerless to expedite a speedy resolution without the co-operation and support of BT.

Metronet has its own metropolitan area network and does not depend on any other provider for the local loop. The company’s service operates throughout the entirety of Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Dublin with its support staff available 24x7x365.
Metronet owns its network and the company has full access to its POP sites 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without any dependence upon third party companies.

With this level of control and protection from third party interference, the Metronet network offers unprecedented levels of reliability. Should a fault occur, Metronet’s engineers are will respond to your request within 45 minutes.

Metronet’s proactive network management approach means that it confidently offers a more robust service guarantee than any other network operator. You will receive:

• 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for network uptime; and
• 4-hour commitment to fix!

This commitment makes Metronet different to every other provider out there.

What does it cost?







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